Bud's Stoners Club

Take part of a unique Cannabis startup with solid long term visions, a fully versed team and substantial incentives. Our scope is to sell Marijuana through cryptocurrency, making it very affordable for NFT Holders.

We now offer multiple AMM services though our fully audited platform. Projects now have the opportunity to offer their community excellent incentive, while interacting within a safe ecosystem.

What do you get?

Our NFTs are composed of hand drawn traits and every single image is at a full 4k resolution. Having no compression on the Buds, they tend to be quite heavy!
-Minting and holding 2 Nfts will automatically get you whitelisted for the BUD token Presale
-NFT Tier Benefits
-First 1250 NFTs will be priced at 0.2 BNB
-Last 1250 NFTs will stand at 0.4 BNB

-40 000$ Minting Giveaway
-80% of the mint will go towards marketing, research and development.
-20% will go towards the BUD token’s initial liquidity.

Road Map

Our Scope
We, at Baby Buds, are starting up our own Cannabis Club in Ottawa, Canada. Our vision includes Marijuana VR Displays, limited edition bongs, special NFTs, and much more! Baby Bud isn’t just an NFT, It’s rather a gateway to our society. With much knowledge to share and an entertaining environment, we want to make crypto safe and fun for members. Our scope is to be the first legal online Cannabis store in North America to use Cryptocurrency

The only way to access our exclusive discord and our private Telegram is by holding one of our Baby Bud NFTs! We believe that any project launching should have a well calculated road ahead. We started up with the Baby Bud NFTs to raise funds for the token. With a strategy, we will push for volume on TofuNft.com for one full week before launching our token on Pancakeswap after the NFTs finish minting, giving the early investors the opportunity to sell or auction their NFTs to new investors. Bud NFTs will grant tokens before BUD’s listing.